International Language Version Almost Ready

Progress has been slower than I hoped. However, I am now doing the final debugging of the multi-language release. Only one problem remains and I will release this version regardless within two weeks.

The new version has many bug fixes and is much faster at loading files and displaying tracks. Because different languages have different lengths of text for any phrase, the layout has changed. Once set up, the main screen is now less cluttered.

I see that there have been several downloads to Russian users. Anyone who wishes to help translate the new release to Russian would be welcome to.

Much Slower Progress than Expected

Progress has been slow, but the soon to be released version of WindSirf will handle multiple languages, and the finishing touches are being put to a German version. To go with this WindSirf has an improved user interface to allow the use of longer words and phrases in other languages. Once the new version is released, anyone will be able to provide a translation by editing a language file. Full details will be provided.

Other features are that WindSirf will run under both Windows and Linux, and file loading and display is now much, much faster.


Slight Delay but Steady Progress

The next release is still work in progress, and is going more slowly than I had hoped. WindSirf is now translated into German, limited only by my lack of fluency, and it works in Unicode, which displays the international characters that sometimes pop up on our computer screens. One of the reasons for selecting German is that all languages have different length words and sentences, especially when they are short, and German often but not always, is longer than English. Getting German right helps to ensure that all areas where text will be written are large enough to receive most languages. This has a big influence on the interface design.

There are still a few things to be done to make it work with right to left languages, and these are being worked on. Things like radio buttons and check boxes and their text have to be swapped over. This has to happen automatically when such a language is selected.

When we get to that stage, anyone who wishes to make a translation will be able to do it for themselves on their own PC. I hope that they will then send the translation file to me for release on this web site, so that everyone who wants it can share it.

Finally, because I have moved over full time to Linux Mint, the next release will be for both Linux and Windows.

Whoops – There goes Windows 8

I have been waiting for LinuxMint to be installable on a UEFI PC, and for LibreOffice to become stable enough with reasonably complex Word documents. Both have finally happened and I created a dual boot setup on my laptop, so that I could start either Windows 8 or Linux Mint 16. This was to test WindSirf on both operating systems.

Unfortunately, I experimented to see if MS ReadyBoost would still work. It did, but removed the dual boot capability. While reinstalling Linux Mint, I accidentally removed Windows 8. The increase in speed with just Linux Mint 16 is amazing. I can’t be bothered to reinstall Windows 8 because it has nothing i need. So, I will borrow my wife’s laptop to test the Windows version of WindSirf.

If you are a Linux fan, but are cautious about losing Windows compatibility, don’t worry unless you are writing extremely complex MS Office documents. You can run also both OS’s side by side using Virtualbox.



Happy 2014

Happy New Year to everyone who has downloaded WindSirf.

I apologise for not posting more often. I have been busy making a lot of changes. The main changes are:

  • Loads and displays files much faster.
  • Trackmanager is now more capable. The error that sometimes occurred when entering dates is now fixed. It also shows the highest average speed over 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 second periods, for each track section that you select. The Main screen highlights the max speed and 10 second average points for each track section.
  • Uses less memory. The DataView window used to list every point in the file. Now it only shows 50 at a time, and the user can scroll through or jump to any point they click on.
  • Multi-language capability. I am now working hard on this, including right-to-left languages. The first translation will be to German, because I speak a little German. The method depends on individual language files for each language. For people who want to have WindSirf in their own language, I will add instructions on how to do this. No programming is required – just editing of a file. If it is sent to me I will add it to the web site with installation instructions.

I hope to release this new version in early February. Please be patient. After that I will add the ability to download live and cacheable background maps for your sailing locations.


Bug Report

If you do not enter a valid dateTime in Track Manager, you will see the warning below:

Just click on OK and continue. It will do no damage.

The error is trapped and you can correct the bad DateTime entry. Unfortunately, Windows also puts up this warning. A fix is coming soon.