Happy 2014

Happy New Year to everyone who has downloaded WindSirf.

I apologise for not posting more often. I have been busy making a lot of changes. The main changes are:

  • Loads and displays files much faster.
  • Trackmanager is now more capable. The error that sometimes occurred when entering dates is now fixed. It also shows the highest average speed over 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 second periods, for each track section that you select. The Main screen highlights the max speed and 10 second average points for each track section.
  • Uses less memory. The DataView window used to list every point in the file. Now it only shows 50 at a time, and the user can scroll through or jump to any point they click on.
  • Multi-language capability. I am now working hard on this, including right-to-left languages. The first translation will be to German, because I speak a little German. The method depends on individual language files for each language. For people who want to have WindSirf in their own language, I will add instructions on how to do this. No programming is required – just editing of a file. If it is sent to me I will add it to the web site with installation instructions.

I hope to release this new version in early February. Please be patient. After that I will add the ability to download live and cacheable background maps for your sailing locations.


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