Whoops – There goes Windows 8

I have been waiting for LinuxMint to be installable on a UEFI PC, and for LibreOffice to become stable enough with reasonably complex Word documents. Both have finally happened and I created a dual boot setup on my laptop, so that I could start either Windows 8 or Linux Mint 16. This was to test WindSirf on both operating systems.

Unfortunately, I experimented to see if MS ReadyBoost would still work. It did, but removed the dual boot capability. While reinstalling Linux Mint, I accidentally removed Windows 8. The increase in speed with just Linux Mint 16 is amazing. I can’t be bothered to reinstall Windows 8 because it has nothing i need. So, I will borrow my wife’s laptop to test the Windows version of WindSirf.

If you are a Linux fan, but are cautious about losing Windows compatibility, don’t worry unless you are writing extremely complex MS Office documents. You can run also both OS’s side by side using Virtualbox.



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